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Beaver Creek Ranch, Mora County, New Mexico                                          

Beaver Creek Ranch is a nicely watered ranch tucked away on the eastern side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Northern New Mexico assembled of 778.49 deeded acres of forested woodland and river bottom with over a half mile of both sides of the Mora River. Ditch irrigated river bottom land provides for hay production; forested mountain slopes provide timber and firewood and excellent cover for wildlife. The ranch ranges in elevation from around 7,720 feet at the Mora River to about 9,280 feet near the high mountain meadow.

 • 778.49 total deeded acres

 • Irrigated River Bottom for hay production

 • Hunting, fishing, biking,  4 wheeling, camping

 • 4 to 6 annual elk authorizations issued


Ranch I of Crazy French Ranch, Las Animas County, Colorado                                           

Ranch I of Crazy French Ranch is recognized as a jewel of southern Colorado, with 19,200 acres of breathtaking landscape that includes grassy meadows, mountain sides of Ponderosa pine, fir and aspen, rugged rock escarpments, steep ravines, and much of the top of Fishers Peak, which at over 9,600 feet is believed to be the highest point in the U.S. from Trinidad east to the Atlantic Ocean. It Includes significant prime habitat supporting big game animals including elk, mule deer, black bear, cougar, and turkey. Ranch I is also being offered in two separate parcels; Fishers Peak Parcel at over 4,000 acres is being offered at $10 million and Raton Pass East Parcel at over 15,000 acres is being offered at $23 million.

                • 19,200 deeded acres

• No existing conservation easements

• Hunting and grazing


Fishers Peak Parcel, Ranch I of Crazy French Ranch, Las Animas County, Colorado                                           

Fishers Peak Parcel is a 4,083.96 acre tract of land soaring over the historic City of Trinidad, Colorado with huge views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, Spanish Peaks, and the City  lights of Trinidad. This parcel is a portion of Ranch I of Crazy French Ranch located in Las Animas County, Colorado and includes some of the top of Fishers Peak and much of the face of Fishers Peak viewable from the City of Trinidad.

 • 4,083.96 deeded acres

• No existing conservation easements

• Hunting and grazing


Raton Pass East Parcel, Ranch I of Crazy French Ranch, Las Animas County, Colorado                                           

Raton Pass East Parcel of Ranch I of Crazy French Ranch is located in Las Animas County, Colorado on the New Mexico border and includes 15,116.04 deeded acres.  The original Santa Fe Trail wound through this parcel.


Highlights: Hunting/conservation ranch; no existing conservation easements. Multiple water features including ponds, seasonal streams, adjudicated springs, and a well. Borders James M. John and Lake Dorothey State Wildlife Areas. Has a long history of big game hunting. Prime habitat that supports big game animal species including elk, deer, puma, bear, and turkey.

• 15,116.04 deeded acres

• No existing conservation easements

• Hunting and grazing


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